Countering Disinformation to Create Equitable Solutions

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Who are We?

The phenomenon of disinformation has created conflict in communities across Sudan. Disinformation seeks to destabilize organizations and actors who promote and enable the creation of inclusive and just societies. There is a need to design and implement effective civic and media practices to identify and challenge disinformation.
Al-Kashif: The Disinformation Forecast program was founded to help civil society organizations (CSOs), public institutions of power, and civic actors develop critical media literacy competencies required to preempt and counter disinformation. Al-Kashif enables communities to use digital media to fight disinformation online. Disinformation is any false information created to mislead and misinform the public.
We believe that providing CSOs with critical thinking and media skills can help them manage disinformation created to malign their civic efforts or initiatives.
To sustain the process of challenging disinformation in communities across Sudan, we prioritize the needs of communities and focus on capacity building at the grassroots level.​

What we do ...


We partner with civil society organizations, journalists, human rights advocates, and grassroots institutions to create possibilities for civil society voices to advocate for and support the creation of more inclusive futures..


Our goal is to use a community-centered approach to understand how disinformation is circulated and for what purposes to create capacities, strategies, tools, and techniques to enable people to identify disinformation and challenge it.


Al-Kashif is a collaborative and action-oriented team that strives to bridge the gap between research and implementation. At Al-Kashif, we translate our research into resources that CSOs can use to plan and execute their projects.

Three core components inform our approach:
-Grassroots Participation
-Community Action.

This is a unique program because, at Al-Kashif, we conduct critical research in collaboration with civil society organizations and various civic actors at the grassroots level to preempt and counter disinformation. We then translate our research findings into courses and curricula designed for different civic actors such as grassroots workers, protestors, human rights activists, and journalists, among others. The primary objective of these courses is to produce and offer intellectual resources, media management strategies, and analytical tools useful in countering disinformation targeting and supporting pro-democracy movements. Finally, we provide resources to enable civic actors to design and implement media-based projects to counter disinformation in their communities.